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Calvary Antenna

Calvary Antenna

About Us:

Calvary Antenna provides a one-stop solution for all of your home and business needs in the TV and Data field. Calvary Antenna is a progressive and growing company committed to providing high levels of customer satisfaction. The main focus of our business is to maintain a tradition of optimum quality installations and service.

We have the latest technology and extensive in-the-field experience enabling us to combine both traditional and modern techniques to give you the best result for your home or business. Our extensive knowledge sets us apart from others, as we know what will work and why giving you the best quality and service and great value for money.

Calvary Antenna is specializing in domestic and commercial TV antenna installation, MATV systems installation, SMATV systems installation, single dwelling installation, and multi-dwelling installations.

Our Services:

  • TV & Radio Antenna sales and installation.
  • TV Reception issues specialist.
  • Storm damage TV antenna systems.
  • Extra TV, Phone, and Data Points.
  • TV Wall Mounting.
  • We sell and install Satellite Systems suitable for all your needs.
  • Installation of Free to Air Satellite Systems
  • Installation of Head-end Systems
  • Installation of Foxtel Satellite for MDU (multi dwelling units).
  • Commercial installation of MATV and SMATV Systems
  • IPTV Sales & installation

  • We do also sell wide range of VHF, UHF, and radio-TV antennas to suit all areas, Masthead amplifiers, Splitters, 4G Filters, TV antenna brackets to suit all kind of installation and situations, different sizes of Satellite dishes, satellite high definitions receivers, wide range of Single, Dual, and Quad LNBs, wide range of different coaxial cables, wide range of different audiovisual cables, satellite Accessories, TV Wall Brackets, and IPTV Ultra High Definition boxes to view your favorite overseas channels, as well as the installation and maintenance of those equipment's.

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